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HJA-900-D | HJA-900-D-COMBO | The Mega Beast | service conductor tester | HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600

MEGA BEAST: 80 Amp Conductor Tester

SUPER BEAST: 20 Amp Conductor Tester

MINI BEAST- HJA-469-M- CONDUCTOR TESTER - HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600

MINI BEAST: 8 Amp Conductor Tester

Temporary Secondary Service Restoration Equipment

RESTORE-A-PHASE: Temporary Secondary Service Power Restoration Equipment

The Pinpointer: Underground Secondary Fault Locator

THE PINPOINTER: Underground Fault Locator

The DC Scout | Direct Current (DC) ground fault locator | HJA-2525 | HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600

THE D.C. SCOUT: DC Ground Fault Locator

The FAIT | Lineman's glove inflation tool | HJA-750 | HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600

THE FAIT TOOL: Rubber Glove Inspection Tool

The Squirrely | Overhead transformer bird and wildlife protective guard | HJA-700 | HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600

THE SQUIRRELY: Transformer Bushing Guard

The Spikeball | HJA-760 | Electrical protection for birds and animals | Critter Deterrent

THE SPIKEBALL: Animal Deterrent/Guard

Arc Chaser Tap Detector

ARC CHASER: Tap Detector – Investigate theft of electrical service.

"BoresEye" Non-conductive Video Scope

“BORESEYE”: Non-conductive Video Scope – safely investigate conduit.













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All products are American-made and proudly manufactured in Tualatin, Oregon.