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Since 1971, for over 45 years, HJ Arnett Industries has engineered and manufactured diagnostic tools and equipment for service connection testing, underground distribution fault locators, and direct current fault locating.  All products are American-made and proudly manufactured in Tualatin, Oregon.

HJA-900-D | HJA-900-D-COMBO | The Mega Beast | service conductor tester | HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600
MEGA BEAST: 80 Amp Conductor Tester
SUPER BEAST: 20 Amp Conductor Tester
MINI BEAST- HJA-469-M- CONDUCTOR TESTER - HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600
MINI BEAST: 8 Amp Conductor Tester
Temporary Secondary Service Restoration Equipment
RESTORE-A-PHASE: Temporary Secondary Service Power Restoration Equipment
The Pinpointer: Underground Secondary Fault Locator
THE PINPOINTER: Underground Fault Locator
The DC Scout | Direct Current (DC) ground fault locator | HJA-2525 | HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600
THE D.C. SCOUT: DC Ground Fault Locator
The FAIT | Lineman's glove inflation tool | HJA-750 | HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600
THE FAIT TOOL: Rubber Glove Inspection Tool
The Squirrely | Overhead transformer bird and wildlife protective guard | HJA-700 | HJ Arnett Industries | 503-692-4600
THE SQUIRRELY: Transformer Bushing Guard
The Spikeball | HJA-760 | Electrical protection for birds and animals | Critter Deterrent
THE SPIKEBALL: Substation Animal Deterrent/Guard
Arc Chaser Tap Detector
ARC CHASER: Fault locator for shielded cable/conduit. 
"BoresEye" Non-conductive Video Scope
“BORESEYE”: Insulated Video Scope – safely investigate conduit.









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All products are American-made and proudly manufactured in Tualatin, Oregon.

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