Super Beast Digital | PN: HJA-469-DSCO
Super Beast Digital | PN: HJA-469-DSCOSuper Beast Digital | PN: HJA-469-DSCOSuper Beast Digital | PN: HJA-469-DSCOSuper Beast Digital | PN: HJA-469-DSCOmade-in-america

Super Beast Digital: 20 Amp Tester

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Digital readings quickly and accurately display the condition of the secondary service conductor.


Product Description


For more than 45 years, HJ Arnett Industries has manufactured top-of-the-line utility instruments.

The “Super Beast of Burden” products help utility troubleshooters identify if their service drop is providing proper voltage/load.  The efficient use of the Beast products will quickly identify if customer complaints are on the line side (utility) or consumer side.


  • • 20 Amp Tester (Line Side) with digital meters
  • • Indicates problems on secondary service
  • • Detects open neutral quickly, and accurately
  • • Isolates and identifies overhead or underground complaints on utility side (line side)
  • • Product is very durable and portable, allowing for efficient troubleshooting.
  • • Verifies condition of secondary conductors and associated connections (see points of connection diagram download)

Super Beast Digital| PN: HJA-469-D | secondary service conductor tester | (503) 692-4600Super Beast Digital Downloads:

Super Beast Digital | PN: HJA-469-DSCOSuper Beast Combo:

  • • The Super Beast is available to purchase as a combo unit. Part# HJA-469-DSCO
  • • Combo includes: Storage/carrying bag and meter base adapter.

Additional Information


20 Amp Load


Digital Meters

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