Arnett Testing Laboratory: NAIL Accredited Rubber Glove & PPE Testing Lab

Rubber testing standards met by Arnett Testing Labs

  • Protect your workers with comprehensive in-house electrical glove & PPE testing services, and on-site field testing services. 

An accredited testing laboratory through the Association of North American Independent Laboratories For Protective Equipment Testing

NAIL for PET accredited test lab

  • Arnett testing & distributionArnett Testing Laboratory is the only NAIL for PET accredited testing laboratory in the Northwest.

Arnett Testing & Distribution serves as a division within our company, enabling us to offer both in-house dielectric rubber testing, rubber glove testing lab services, and on-site field testing in accordance with ASTM, ANSI, IEEE, and OSHA standards.

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NAIL Accredited Rubber Glove/PPE Testing Lab

  • Rubber glove testing lab | electrical glove testingElectrical Testing Services include:

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Want your PPE tested?

Please PRINT out the “Customer Intake Formand send it to Arnett’s electrical glove testing lab with the items you want tested.

Make sure to include your contact information (phone number, email, and ship back address) when sending in products to be tested. We will contact you and notify you of failures before shipping goods back. Replacements are stocked. Will call pickup/delivery available (Portland, Oregon & Spokane, Washington locations).

Standard turn-around time is 7-10 business days. Rush testing is available (additional charge may apply). If rush testing required, please note on the intake form. 

electrical glove dielectric testing equipment- high voltage electrical glove testingIntake Form & Downloads:

*Please email for pricing information and with any questions.

Automatic Replacement Plan
Upon written authorization, Arnett Testing Laboratory will replace goods that fail. Failures are identified on the test report and are not returned unless requested. Failed gloves are cut, so they won’t be reused by mistake. New and replacement rubber products are provided by Salisbury by Honeywell. (Replacement goods depend on availability.)

Insulating Rubber Testing Frequency: How Often Should You Test Your Protective Rubber Equipment?

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Field Air Inflation Tool (FAIT) | HJA-750




Other Services:

Rubber Glove Visual Inspection












Testing standards we meet or exceed:

Our testing procedures meet or exceed the following standards, as required by NAIL:

  • Rubber goods testing equipmentInsulating Gloves – ASTM D120, F496, F1236
  • Insulating Sleeves – ASTM D1051, F496, F1236
  • Insulating Blankets – ASTM D1048, F479, F1236
  • Insulating Line Hose – ASTM D1050, F478, F1236
  • Insulating Covers – ASTM D1049, F478
  • Insulating Matting – ASTM D178
  • Hot Sticks and Live Line Tools – ASTM F711, IEEE 978
  • Insulating Plastic Guards – ASTM F712
  • Insulated Aerial Devices – ANSI A92.2
  • Dielectric Overshoe Footwear – ASTM F1116, F1117
  • Insulated By-Pass Jumpers – ASTM F2321
  • In-Service Testing for Temporary Grounding Jumpers – ASTM F2249
  • Temporary Protective Grounds to be Used on De-Energized Power Lines & Equipment – ASTM F855
  • Insulating Rubber & PVC Shielding – ASTM F1742
  • Insulated Hand Tools – ASTM F1505