The Pinpointer: Underground Secondary Fault Locator

The Pinpointer | PN: HJA-471
The Pinpointer | PN: HJA-471The Pinpointer | PN: HJA-471The Pinpointer | PN: HJA-471The Pinpointer | PN: HJA-471The Pinpointer A-Frame Adapter

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Accurately locate underground cable faults…within inches


Product Description

Cable Fault Finder

Accurately & efficiently locate faults. No unnecessary digging.

For more than 45 years, the Pinpointer has saved substantial time and money for hundreds of electrical utilities, PUD’s, contractors, oilfields, and farms across the USA.

Highly accurate     |     User friendly     |     Dependable

Even works under snow or frozen ground, at street light circuits, at the meter rise, under driveways, sidewalks, and streets.

Instructional Video:

  • No costly, unnecessary digging:

  • • Earth gradient method ignores phantom images.
  • • Highly accurate and reliable – trusted by utilities for over 45 years!
  • • An economical locator solution. Works in all conditions.
  • • Cable proof-test instantly determines whether cable is good or bad.
  • • You don’t even need to know the exact route of the cable.
  • • Easily stored in a utility truck; rugged and durable.

Included with The Pinpointer:

  • Transmitter – 2500VDC Pulse
  • Detector – Variable Sensitivity
  • Detector Cables (Red & Black)
  • Grounding Probes with Extensions & Cables (Red & Black)
  • Ground Rod
  • 2-Wire, 12V Battery Power Supply Cord
  • 2Wire, 120VAC Power Supply Cord
  • Rugged, Durable Protective Housing
  • Operations Manual

Optional Accessories:

A-frame Detector Adapter (optional)

PN: HJA-470-210 

  • Make underground secondary cable-fault locating even easier, when you pair the Pinpointer with the A-frame Adapter. The Pinpointer detector easily attaches to the A-frame with two screws and pre-wired banana plugs.

Rechargeable Battery Kit (optional)

PN: HJA-470-109 

  • If you are out in the field and do not have access to a power source such as a truck battery, we can build a rechargeable battery kit into your Pinpointer to power the transmitter. Charging cables included.

Pinpointer Applications:

  • Electric Utilities/PUD’s/COOP’s
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Oil Fields
  • Irrigation Systems – Golf Courses, Agriculture, Etc.


The Pinpointer Brochure

Pinpointer Product Demonstration (PowerPoint)

The Pinpointer Manual

Our Customers Say…

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Pinpointer. I’ve located approximately 40 faulted conductors in 3 days, and have not wasted an ounce of fuel excavating these locations to find nothing. Most of my locates have been right on top of the fault. Once again Thank You!”

-Anderson & Wood Construction Company

Our Customers Include:

American Electric Power

Anderson & Wood Construction Company

EMEPA/ East Mississippi Power

Eugene Water and Electric Board

Eversource Energy

Lynn Boyer

Maui Electric Company

National Grid

& more

Contact the Arnett sales team @ for customer references.

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