Satisfied Arnett Industries customers share their experiences:

US Army Corps of Engineers

“Thanks for taking time to show me the H.J. Arnett facility a few weeks ago. It was great to meet you, Jaye and Garrett, Ana, Bob and the rest of the staff who work so hard to provide your end users quality/proof tested PPE/PPG.

Your staff does great work, each seemed proud of their purpose and role. The shop was clean/organized and showed professionalism and attention to detail. I look forward to hosting you at one of our facilities to “re-fresh” and remind our electricians the importance of daily inspection and other safety nuggets in the near future.

  • -US Army Corps of Engineers



McMinnville water and light“I brought up some sticks (to Arnett) after touring the place because I was confident in all that I saw. I was appreciative because I showed up at the back door and was treated like a king. Everybody helped me, even during their work breaks, and I just wanted to let you know what great people you have working for you.”

  • -McMinnville Water & Light


Petrelli Electric“Thank you all for your quick service and fast responses to my e-mails. The gloves and sleeves arrived today without incident and we will be able to proceed with our swap on time without a gap in compliance.

We think of ourselves as a professional company, delivering a professional product, and professional service. Without companies like you, we no longer look professional.

Thank you all again for your commitment to keep us safe.”

  • -Petrelli Electric, Inc.


“The Mega Beast is a great product. I have four people investigating voltage complaints here at Niagara Mohawk and they all have the Mega Beast. With 80 amps of load, we never have an insufficient amount. It is a very efficient and effective tool for voltage complaints and neutral swings.”

  • -Niagara Mohawk



“We had great success with the DC Scout test set. We were able to locate the ground on an energized 125VDC system. It ended up being a ground fault located in a one-inch underground metal conduit. The ground was on a 12 AWG wire feeding to an 86 circuit. The test signal was found on the wire going into the conduit and was gone when the wire left the conduit. This indicated the fault was located in the pipe.

We safely isolated the faulted cable, tested it, and found it bad then utilized a spare in its place. No interruptions were initiated by the test set signal even with solid state relays on the circuit and we found our first fault in less than two hours. The set is well worth it and easy to learn.”

  • -Power Solutions Associates


peco_logo_main“Using the MeterTrax product has substantially decreased the time necessary to locate an orphan meter. Prior to using MeterTrax, the only tool available was the Sensus FlexNet Utility (FNU) which required getting out of the truck and walking around with a laptop running FNU. With the MeterTrax tool, the laptop can stay in the truck and the MeterTrax tool cam be used to locate the orphan meter. Because of the extended range the MeterTrax tool provides, along with its portable design, finding orphan meter is made easy and much quicker than using FNU by itself.”

  • -PECO RF


“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Pinpointer. I’ve located approximately 40 faulted conductors in 3 days, and have not wasted an ounce of fuel excavating these locations to find nothing. Most of my locates have been right on top of the fault. Once again Thank You!”

  • -Anderson & Wood Electrical Contractors