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  • As a leader in solutions for the utility industry, Arnett Industries has taken another major step to save you time and money by offering complete hot line tool testing, repair, & reconditioning. Our technicians are skilled at repairing an extensive variety of tools, including all fiberglass hot line tools, shotgun repairs, hot arm repairs, hoist repairs,  hydraulic cutter repairs, crimpers, hand tools, ladders and scaffolding repairs, and more! 

hastings tool repair- before and after

Hot Line Tool Testing, Repairs, Reconditioning, & DistributionPhotos

Hot Line Tool Testing, Repair, & Reconditioning:

Comprehensive, fast, and cost-efficient

Chance LogoTesting:

Arnett offers certified, dielectric testing of all hot line tools. “Testing” includes cleaning, waxing, and dielectric testing to ASTM standards. Old stickers are removed, and upon passing the certification test a new dated sticker is applied. Test reports are provided. Brand-new distributed tools are tested before leaving Arnett.

As a NAIL accredited lab, our testing procedures meet & exceed the following standards: ASTM F711, IEEE 978

Hastings LogoRepair:

Our hot line tool repair includes parts and labor for sanding, painting, clear-coating, and bead-blasting tool heads. You’ll be delighted by the quality of our work-we can refinish hot line tools so that they look and perform like new, at about half of the cost of buying new tools. Upon completion of our repair and refinishing services, we dielectrically test each tool. You’ll also appreciate our rapid turnaround times. 

When a tool passes this critical test, we provide official recertification and date it. To further save you money, we can reuse parts from your failed tools to make future repairs. Repair costs vary, and we can accurately quote each service prior to initiating the repair.

Chance shotgun repair: before & afterHot Line Tool Repairs Include:

  • Grip-All Clamp Sticks (Shotguns)– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Quick changes– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Universal Poles– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Ratchet Cutters– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Lever Cutters– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Link Sticks– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • •Telescoping Hot-Sticks (Extendables;Long-linemen)– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Clamp Sticks (all styles)- testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Cable Repairs & Testing
  • Hot Arms

  • Extension Arms– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Jibs– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Pole Gins– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Hoists (All brands)

  • Chain Hoists– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Strap Hoists– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Hydraulic Tools

  • Hydraulic Cutters– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Hydraulic Drivers– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Hydraulic Crimpers– testing, repair, and reconditioning
  • Load Busters     |     Plastic Covers     |     Voltage Detectors     |     & More

bolt cutter tool repair before and after

We service the following brands:

  • Hubbell/Chance hot line tool repairs
  • Hastings hot line tool repairs
  • HK Porter tool repairs
  • Salisbury by Honeywell hot line tool repairs
  • American Hotline tool repairs
  • Lug-All hot line hoist repairs
  • S&C Loadbusters repairs
  • & More

Hot Line Tool Sales:

Arnett Testing & Distribution stocks BRAND NEW hot line tools. As authorized distributors for Chance Lineman Grade Tools, Hastings Hot Line Tools, Salisbury by Honeywell, HK Porter, Klein Tools, & other top brands, Arnett stocks hot line tools to provide a full solution offering to utility customers.


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Field Testing:

We come to you! Our experienced staff will come to your site for dielectric testing.

Tool Pickup & Delivery Service:

Pacific Northwest Pickup and Delivery Service Flyer



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Hot line tool repair before and after

Bolt-Cutters-Hot line tool repair before and after

Ratcheting-Bolt-Cutters-tool repair before and after

gripall stick repair before and after

Shotgun Gripall tool repair before and afterhoist repair before and after

hot arm tool repair before and after




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