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Complete NAIL for PET accredited Testing Service & Product Sales

In addition to the top-notch testing services we offer, our warehouse is stocked with inventory of new products to meet your immediate needs.

Rubber PPE:

Salisbury Class 0 Rubber Gloves Black 11" (Max Use: 1kV)Dielectric & visual testing of voltage rated gloves*, sleeves, overshoes, line covers, & much more. Sales of new products from top manufacturers in safety, including Salisbury by Honeywell, Chance by Hubbell, & NOVAX/PIP. Our large inventory is growing even bigger, call today for specifics.

Hot Line Tools/Hand Tools:

Utilco BLL-U42-P CrimperTool testing, repair, reconditioning, & sales of new tools. Lines include Chance by Hubbell, Hastings Hot Line Tools, Salisbury by Honeywell, Klein Tools, & many more. Our expert consultants will help you find the exact tool to meet your needs, and offer solutions for tool management. Call us today at 503-692-4600.

Arc Flash Kits & Clothing:

NSA ARCGUARD® REVOLITE™ FR- Arc Flash Kit HRC4 (40 Cal)Recent changes from NFPA, OSHA and other organizations have made the implementation of arc flash clothing programs a necessity. NFPA 70E requires different levels of protection, for different work practices. We stock kits and several different options to handle your immediate needs. Please call with any questions: 503-692-4600.

Climbing & Fall Protection:

Bashlin Floridian 4D Lineman Belt 88x4dOur expert sales team can help you find whatever you need; whether it’s a new belt, climbers, WPFRD, or anything else, call us today: 503-692-4600


Chance Flat Face Ground Clamp PSC6003636 Eye ScrewAssembly, testing, repair of grounds. Grounding clusters & other grounding needs available in stock from Arnett.

Utility Revenue Protection/Recovery:

Utility theft-of-service prevention & detection products, including tap detectors, revenue check meters, insulated video scopes for investigating conduit, & more.

Customers Include:

Serving the electrical industry, our customers include:

  • Large Investor-Owned Utilities
  • Municipalities/PUD’s/Coops
  • Wind Farms
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Industrial Electricians (ex. Hospitals, Manufacturing Plants)
  • Auto-Repair (Hybrid Vehicle Mechanics) & More
  • If you would like to set up a business account, please email or call 503-692-4600

Brief History:

Super Beast Digital Combo shown with bag & meter adapterProducts: Arnett’s first products the — Beast of Burden and the Pinpointer Underground Cable Fault Locator — paved the way for many more product innovations that are now in use worldwide. Today, over 45 years later, Arnett offers to utilities a full lineup of innovative, durable products that allow workers to operate efficiently and safely. We continue to work closely with utility companies and their employees to develop products that help make utility field work safer and easier, and enable utility companies to operate more efficiently.

Take the Mega Beast, an 80 amp service conductor tester which was originally requested by a utility in California to identify faults more quickly. Most recently, the Super Beast-P has allowed utilities to have a single operator troubleshoot faults and open neutrals, with the added benefit of single-user cable identification at a padmount transformer.

Services: Recognizing the need for rubber personal protective equipment to be checked and tested frequently, Herb Arnett started a dielectric test lab under the name “Arnett Testing Labs”, serving the electrical industry in the Pacific Northwest.

At Arnett Industries, we remain on the forefront of technology, researching and developing new products and services, ever guided by our mission to provide our customers with service, safety, and savings.

“Safety, Service, Savings”

Everybody Goes Home Safe

Safety has always remained a core value at Arnett. Herb Arnett was the original founder of the NAIL for PET organization, which audits test labs practices, personnel, and procedures to make sure they comply with ASTM, OSHA, and other organizations requirements. Herb served as the NAIL for PET president for several years, and our alliance has remained strong throughout the years. Safety is a focus and top priority in every aspect of our business: our standards are high so that workers are not injured.

A Support Staff That’s Tops in the Business

Our technicians and consultants offer more than 100 years of combined experience in diagnostics, electrical rubber testing, protective equipment sales, hot line tool repairgrounding cable assembly, and revenue metering. We perform all work in accordance with ASTM standards, and the Arnett Testing Laboratory is the only fully accredited testing laboratory in the Northwest.

Rest assured that we can provide almost anything to keep your utility employees working safe and effectively. Emerging standards for personal protection equipment and FR clothing make it essential to equip all employees with proper safety equipment, including rubber goods, Hot Line tools, hard hats, safety shields and clothing. Our expert sales staff has extensive product knowledge and stays up-to-date with new products, as well as emerging standards.

If you have any questions or need anything specific, just call us at (503) 692-4600 and we’ll help you find it.