Grounding & Bypass Jumper Cables: Assembly, Testing, & Repair Services

We build certified custom grounding cables / grounding clusters and bypass jumper cables for utilities & contractors, tested to ASTM and OSHA standards. Electrical grounds and safety grounding cables are vital for worker safety and should be handled by professionals with credible expertise. Call Arnett today at (503) 692-4600 or email us at to order custom grounding  assemblies and bypass jumper assemblies.


  • Custom grounding cable assembly with yellow 2/0 cable and duckbill clamps

    New custom grounding cable assembly shown with yellow 2/0 cable & duck bill clamps.

    CUSTOM Grounding Cable/Cluster Assembly:

  • -How many total cables you are ordering.
  • -The length* of each cable.
  • -The size of each cable. (#2, 1/0, 2/0, 4/0).
  • -The color of the cable (yellow or clear).
  • -What style/size* of clamp you want on each end.
  • -Threaded or plain ferrules.
  • -Shrouded or unshrouded ferrules.

CUSTOM Bypass Jumper Cable Assembly:

*Bypass jumpers are tested to ASTM standards, which include dielectric testing of insulation & dated sticker.

  • -How many total cables you are ordering.
  • -The length* of each cable.
  • -The size of each cable. (#2, 1/0, 2/0, 4/0).
  • -KV insulation (15KV, 25KV, 35KV).
  • -What style/size* of clamp you want on each end.
  • -Threaded or plain ferrules.
  • -Shrouded or unshrouded ferrules.


  • *Length is measured ferrule to ferrule.
  • *Clamp size: Ex. 1″ max jaw opening
  • *Clamp Style: Ex. “C” type; duckbill; bus; tower; flats
  • *Custom personal protective grounding sets and clusters are available and made to order. Call today!

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Pre-Assembled Sets

STANDARDS, As Required By Nail for PET:

Insulated By-Pass Jumpers – ASTM F2321

In-Service Testing for Temporary Grounding Jumpers – ASTM F2249

Temporary Protective Grounds to be Used on De-Energized Power Lines & Equipment – ASTM F855


Bypass jumper cables before repair and testOrder from Arnett: The Experts in Grounding

Order your personal protective grounding sets and bypass jumper assemblies from HJ Arnett Industries! Our experienced staff located in Portland, Oregon builds cables for electric utilities across the country. Our experts are committed to your safety, call today for more information at (503) 692-4600.

We will build made to order personal protective grounding clusters and grounding assemblies to your exact specifications. As an official distributor for Salisbury, Chance, Hastings Hot Line Tools, and Travis Clamps (among other top brands in the industry), we only use the best equipment on the market, reflecting our commitment to quality and safety. After the grounding or bypass jumper cables have been built, each one is tested to ASTM standards or higher.

Arnett Testing & Distribution is committed to offering the best possible solutions for our customers. Shipping costs for grounding cables and hot line tools are very expensive due to odd-sized containers and heavy shipping weights. Arnett Testing labs has a NEW service in the Pacific Northwest: we have an experienced employee making trips between our test labs in Portland and Spokane. The purpose of this service is to save customers money by picking up your tools and cables from your location and delivering them back to you after testing/repair.

Pacific Northwest Pickup and Delivery Service Flyer

Personal protective grounding custom cable cable assembly with clear 2/0 cable and duck bill clampsGrounding & Jumper Cables: Testing & Repairs

In addition to custom grounding cable assemblies, Arnett also has expertise in grounding cable repairs, bypass jumper cable repairs, and certification testing of grounds and bypass jumpers. Our staff works hard and prides themselves in their ability to work with customers to get them what they actually need, whether that is a simple repair, a brand new cable entirely, or even a new hot line tool or cutter such as a Chance grip-all “shotgun”, an HK Porter cable cutter, or Klein tools. Cables are cleaned before testing. Cables passing the certification test will be given a date sticker and returned with test reports.

Want your grounds/jumpers tested? Please PRINT out theHJ ARNETT TOOL REPAIR FORM” and send it to Arnett’s electrical glove testing lab with the items you want tested/repaired.

Make sure to include your contact information (phone number, email, and ship back address) when sending in products to be tested. We will contact you and notify you of failures before shipping goods back.

Our address: HJ Arnett Industries: 20460 SW Avery CT, Tualatin, OR 97062


New bypass jumper cable assemblyPersonal Protective Grounding Equipment: Supplier Info

Arnett uses only the best brands in safety, which is a perfect example of our motto: “Safety | Service | Savings”

Our strong relationship as a rubber glove distributor with Salisbury by Honeywell gives us access to their other highly sought after Salisbury personal protective equipment products, such as Salisbury’s grounding cables and grounding clamps. This also include’s Salisbury’s Safety Line electrical grounding cables and Safety Line electrical grounding clamps.

We maintain a strong relationship with Chance by Hubbell, and along with distributing Chance Hotline Tools such as Chance gripall clampsticks (shotguns), we also use Chance’s grounding clamps to assemble personal protective grounding equipment.






  • Our made to order grounding cables are customizable, and our experts work with you to make sure that you are receiving a product that will meet compliance/standards and keep your workers safe.
  • *For pricing information, please call Arnett at (503) 692-4600
  • or email us at