FAIT: Field Air Inspection Tool ~ Air Leak Inspection Tool/Glove Roller/Portable Glove Tester

FAIT: Field Air Inspection Tool – PN: HJA-750

Insulating Rubber Glove Inspection Tool / Glove Roller / Air Leak Inpection Tool

OSHA 1910.137(C)(2)(Ii) States:

“Insulating equipment shall be inspected for damage before each day’s use and immediately following any incident that can reasonably be suspected of causing damage. Insulating gloves shall be given an air test, along with the inspection.

Note to paragraph (c)(2)(ii): ASTM F1236-96 (2012), Standard Guide for Visual Inspection of Electrical Protective Rubber Products, presents methods and techniques for the visual inspection of electrical protective equipment made of rubber. This guide also contains descriptions and photographs of irregularities that can be found in this equipment.”

If you work around energized circuits, the Field Air Inflation Tool (FAIT) is a valuable safeguard. The FAIT tool meets the above standards for the inspection of insulating rubber gloves.


Simply clamp the pin around the bead of your rubber gloves and roll to inflate gloves. For 11″ gloves, blow additional air into the glove before using the FAIT to better inflate & inspect the rubber. Make sure to test both the inside and outside of gloves & listen for punctures.


Keep safe with FAIT!

If you work around energized circuits, the new Field Air Inflation Tool (FAIT) is a valuable safeguard. The FAIT tool is a very affordable way to ensure the safety of workers.

FAIT makes the daily visual inspection of your rubber insulating gloves simple and efficient. Simply slide the end of the cuff of the glove into the jaws of the FAIT. Roll the glove over and around the FAIT to create a tight seal for better inflation and superior visual inspection of your rubber gloves.

The FAIT Tool is designed to fit in any glove bag. 

Also known as a “glove field testing clamp”, “glove roller”, “glove inspection clamp”, “glove pin”, “glove clamp” or “glove inflating clamp”.



Utility Linemen



Anywhere rubber insulating gloves are being used


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Field Air Inflation Tool (FAIT) | HJA-750 - rubber glove orange clamp tool

Field Air Inflation Tool (FAIT) | Lineman's glove inflation tool | HJA-750The FAIT: HJA-750 | Lineman's glove inflation tool | rubber glove orange clamp tool









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