Salisbury Class 00 Rubber Gloves Red 11" (Max Use: 500 Volts)

Salisbury 11″ Class 00 Rubber Gloves – Red (Max Use: 500 Volts)

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Salisbury part#: E0011R/size

Arnett part#: 00-11R-size


Product Description

NAIL accredited rubber goods test labRubber goods are stocked untested at Arnett. Rubber testing to NAIL4PET, OSHA & ASTM requirements available with additional cost.

Sizing your gloves:

  • Measure around the palm of the hand using inches.
  • Each inch is one full size (ex. 9 inches = size 9). Allow additional room if glove liner is to be.
  • Sizes 8 to 11 in 1/2-size increments and size 12 (size 7 available in some models).
  • Sizes 7.5 and 11.5 are discontinued, but stock may be available.
  • Customer is responsible for ordering correct length, size, and class according to their company’s safety standards.

Additional Information


Class 00


11″ Length


Salisbury by Honeywell



Voltage Rating

Test Voltage: 2,500V | Max Use Rating: 500V

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