IceAlert® Temperature Sensitive Reflector Only; Reduce Slip & Fall Accidents – BSR1000

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Reduce the slip & fall accidents on your facility with the IceAlert® reflective sign. This product includes the IceAlert® reflective sign (BSR1000) with anti-theft bracket & mounting hardware. Mounts virtually anywhere.

Blue Star Indicates Freezing Temperatures!

When the star is white, weather conditions are not freezing. When the star is half-white/half-blue, the weather conditions are transitioning to freezing temperatures. When the star is blue, there are freezing weather conditions.

IceAlert® Slip & Fall Systems Installation Recommendations

Using IceAlert® indicators effectively

Install an explanatory sign (BSS100) at all property entrances.  IceAlert® Reflectors (BSR1000) are positioned in the parking lot, on walkways and outside of each exit.  Transparent IceAlert® advisory signs (ADS100) are placed on exit door windows.

Visitors and employees should pass an IceAlert when arriving or leaving the facility. Pay special attention to areas like handicapped parking, loading docks, stairways, shaded areas, etc.

If protecting a shaded area, place IceAlert® in the shade, the temperature reading can be affected by direct sunlight.

 Example of an IceAlert® system installed at a small manufacturing facility.

IceAlert® Slip and Fall Installation

IceAlert® Slip & Fall Systems Best Practices

Post the 12″ x 18″ or 18″ x 24″ explanatory sign(s) at your property entrance(s).

Install IceAlert® Reflectors slightly below eye-level (approximately 4’6″), FACING TRAFFIC in parking lots, on walkways and outside of each exit door so everyone passes one on the way in or out.

Install a transparent door sign on each exit door.

It is not recommended to mount the reflector to the side of a building, because the heat-transfer from the building can affect the reading. It is recommended to install the reflector in shady areas, because they will freeze first.

Utility Customers Include:

  • Portland General Electric
  • Dominion Power – Virginia
  • ComEd
  • AEP – Oklahoma
  • Entergy Nuclear
  • Mid America Energy
  • Northeast Utilities
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • PPL Susquehanna
  • First Energy Corp
  • Exelon Corp
  • Transcanada/GTN

IceAlert® Slip & Fall Complete System:
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IceAlert® Reflector Only (BSR1000)