Chance Hot Stick Wipes, Silicone Cloth, 50 per Box, C4002568


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Small pocket-size packets encourage frequent care of insulated hot-line tools. This helps utilities stay in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269(j). To urge daily tool care, the words “You can comply with OSHA!” appear on each dispenser box of 50 wipes. The hanger box holds 50 wipes to keep them handy in crew bays, on trailers and in trucks. The convenience of sealed wipes mean no more rags to store or try to keep clean in the field. The disposable wipes are so easy to use. Just zip open a foil packet, pull out the siliconesaturated 8″ x 10″ lint-free towel and wipe down a hotstick. These wipes contain the same silicone that impregnates Hot Stick Wiping Cloths in the Chance Epoxiglas® Cleaning Kit. Using the cloths or Silicone Wipes on fiberglass tools removes dust and deposits a thin protective coat that helps resist accumulation of dirt and other airborne contaminants. As the last part in the everyday clean-and-wipe routine, a Silicone Wipe replaces the film of protection that cleaners such as Moisture Eater II remove along with contaminants. This final silicone “step” helps preserve the benefits not only of daily cleaning but also when refinishing tool surfaces. Used after Chance Gloss Restorer, the sealed and disposable Silicone Wipes assure a clean application of a preservative layer on the new surfaces.


 Product Type  Tool Storage/Repair
 Tool Type  Cleaning, Repair, and Lube Kits
 Style  Silicone Wipes
 Material Type  Standard
 UPC Code  09635924363
 Standard Package  1
 Standard Package Unit  Each
 Min Order Qty  1
 Weight / Ea. lbs  1.774 lbs
 Material Safety Data Sheet  Link to C4002568 MSDS Sheet.



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