RAM Check Meter (Revenue Assurance Meter)

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The RAM check meter shown with 3 CT's

Revenue Assurance Meter (The RAM Check Meter)

PN: HJA-643

RAM Check Meter Features Summary 

Theft-of-service investigations often require the installation of a temporary “check meter” such as the RAM check meter on the secondary service ahead of the revenue meter to establish KWh history as well as to verify if energy diversion is occurring. A Check Meter combined with the Remote Reader is an effective tool for energy diversion investigations and line loss surveys.

The RAM Check Meters are available in two-wire, single-phase, or 3 wire poly-phase units.

The RAM Check Meter features:

  • • Introducing the most advanced check meter ever
  • • Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to retrieve data straight to your laptop from up to 1000 feet away
  • • Provides KYZ Pulse output
  • • 2 Megabytes of flash memory set between 3 separate historical logs
  • • Able to utilize both Block Window and Rolling Window Demands
  • • Interchangeable CT options
  • • Comes in WiFi or Mobile reading option
  • • Available in single-phase or poly-phase, 200 or 1000 amp options
  • • Lightweight (approximately 11 pounds with CTs attached)

made-in-americaRAM Cable Options:

RAM Meter Cable, Single-phase (3 wire, 2 CT), 200 Amp CTs                     HJA-643-2CT200

RAM Meter Cable, Single-phase (3 wire, 2 CT), 1000 Amp CTs                   HJA-643-2CT1000

RAM Meter Cable, Poly-phase (4 wire, 3 CT), 200 Amp CTs                         HJA-643-3CT200

RAM Meter Cable, Poly-phase (4 wire, 3 CT), 1000 Amp CTs                       HJA-643-3CT1000

Software Screenshots

Please email HJ Arnett industries for additional information on the RAM at information@hjarnett.com.



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