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The SquirrelyThe FAIT ToolThe Spikeball

The Squirrely

There’s a fast, inexpensive, and safe way to prevent outages caused by squirrels, birds and rodents without de-energizing at the transformer. The Squirrely is a specially designed small-animal guard, and we’ve insulated the stinger an extra 10-12 inches from secondary transformer bushings.


  • • Highly effective in preventing electrical outages caused by squirrels and birds
  • • Can be installed while the service is still energized
  • • Easily installed with any style of shotgun
  • • UV protected for extended life
  • • Can be installed by one person from the ground using a telescoping hot stick with the Arnett Industries AID tool


Squirrely installation tool: HJA-700-100

  • Every 500 Squirrelies purchased receives one free installation tool!

Field Air Inflation Tool (FAIT)

  • PN: HJA-750 
  • Logo options available with additional charge, please inquire
  • FAIT tool brochure

If you work around energized circuits, the new Field Air Inflation Tool (FAIT) is a valuable safeguard.

FAIT makes the daily visual inspection of your rubber insulating gloves simple and efficient. Simply slide the end of the cuff of the glove into the jaws of the FAIT. Roll the glove over and around the FAIT to create a tight seal for better inflation and superior visual inspection of your rubber gloves.

Keep safe with FAIT!


The Spikeball

  • The Spikeball
  • PN: HJA-760
  • Deters Critters From Nesting In and Around Equipment
  • SpikeballSpikeball Brochure


  • •Can be installed while equipment is energized.
  • •Installed by 1 person using a grip-all hot stick.
  • •UV protexted for extended life.
  • •Effective in preventing electrical outages, and damage to equipment, caused by squirrels, birds, and other critters.
  • •Easily installed by hand around non energized apparatus.
  • •Developed by a utility lineman.