Salisbury 40 cal/cm² Lift Front Hood with NEW PrismShield™ Lens – LFH40-SPL



Salisbury 40 cal/cm2 lift front arc flash hood with PrismShield lens.

PrismShield™ Features and Benefits:

Salisbury’s revolutionary 40 cal Lift Front Hood combines the PrismShield™ award winning weight balancing face shield, a transparent chin guard and the standard hood. Lift Front Hood’s wider face shield and transparent chin guard more than doubles the vertical peripheral vision of the standard hood.

The Salisbury Lift Front Hood – 40 cal is now available with ground-breaking PrismShield™. PrismShield™ provides full color recognition, making sure workers will set similarly-colored objects apart at all times. It also increases general visibility, especially when working indoors in poorly-lit rooms. Our anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings are a guarantee for lens longevity, and our exclusive weight-balancing frame elevates comfort by reducing neck strain for users. A reliable solution from Honeywell to improve color recognition and visibility – with all colors in sight and full safety on site.

Lift Front Hood with PrismShield™ Features and Benefits:

While offering the same level of arc flash protection, lift front hood has 60% less fabric weight making the hood lighter and more comfortable. The industrial bracket design creates a natural ventilation system that allows carbon dioxide and heat to escape as it rises from the body. The removal of fabric over the hard hat without compromising worker protection mitigates trapped air that can cause fogging and heat stress.

• Equipped with the Honeywell Salisbury PrismShield™ full color recognition lens.
• Shield and chin guard offer an additional 45 degrees of vertical view over standard hoods.
• Vertical peripheral vision field increases by 109% which allows for a clearer view of surroundings.
• Contoured lens naturally extends range of peripheral vision giving user a greater outward visibility and more access to natural light.
• Allows for use of task lights to add much needed convenience lighting in dark work places.

• Uses the Honeywell Salisbury exclusive weight balancing system.
• Contains 60% less fabric weight than standard hoods which makes it lighter and more comfortable to wear.
• Reduction in fabric allows for more natural head movement and eliminates the need for frequent hood adjustments due to shifts in the excess fabric.

Ventilation & Breathability
• Industrial design creates a natural ventilation system beneath the brim of the hard hat.
• Ventilated bracket design allows carbon dioxide and heat to escape as it rises from the body.

ATPV Rating of 40 CAL/CM2:

  • Sewn with Nomex thread
  • Arc rated 10″x20″ anti-fogging replaceable lens
  • Slotted bracket
  • One size fits all

Replacement Parts:

  • LFH40-LENS-SPL Replacement Lens, 40 cal/cm2
  • LFH40-CP-SPL Replacement Chin Guard, 40 cal/cm2
  • LFH40-UF-SPL Replacement Upper Frame, 40 cal/cm2
  • SHRD-40A Replacement Shroud, 40 cal/cm2


ASTM F1506, ASTM F2178



ASTM International - Standards Worldwide

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Hood Style




Salisbury by Honeywell

ATPV Arc Flash Rating

40 cal/cm2

Hazard Risk Category Level


Safety Standards

ANSI/ISEA Z87.1, NFPA 70E, ASTM F1506, ASTM F2178