Klein Auger Bit Storage Module, Rail System, BC507C

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  • Auger Bit Storage Module has 2 slots to store 12-Inch, 18-Inch, or 24-Inch long auger bits
  • Aluminum Spacer slides into one slot to store a 12-Inch auger bit in the 18-Inch holder or store an 18-Inch long auger bit in the 24-Inch bit holder
  • Module will not melt with hot auger bits, or dull tips of auger bits
  • Made with impact resistant nylon to stand up to tough working conditions
  • Robust latches on each Bucket Work Center module can be handled with class 2 insulated gloves to effortlessly reorganize the Rail System to help improve workspace efficiency
  • The Bucket Work Center is an ecosystem that will revamp the way a Lineman works
  • Lineman can transform their workspace with the Bucket Work Center modules to become the Lineman’s office, similar to how other professionals customize their office space
  • Multiple rails on the Bucket Work Center Wall Assembly allow horizontal and vertical customization of module positioning
  • The Wall Assembly Rail System is available in 3 sizes to accommodate the standard 1-man, 1.5 man, or 2 man buckets (Cat. Nos. BC100WA, BC150WA, BC200WA sold separately)