Chance 12′ Hinged/Folding Shotgun, (Grip-All Clamp Stick) – C4030299


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The most versatile tool in a lineworker’s hands, the Chance Grip-All stick puts an easy-to-control “finger” on an insulated pole. Although primarily designed for installing hot-line and grounding clamps, it serves both overhead and underground circuits with various end fittings.

While the tool head is of Lexan® for close-quarter operations, the worker must maintain recommended working distance solely on the Epoxiglas® pole section of the handle as the hook and its actuator are metal parts.

Easy to care for, Grip-All sticks do not require field stripping to clean. All insulated parts including the operating rod are outside the main pole, readily accessible to wipe dry.

CAUTION: Do not clean the plastic head with solvent.

Chance part# C4030299

Arnett part# C-C4030299

 Product Type  Insulated Hand Tools
 Tool Type  Grip-All Clampstick “Shotgun”
 Style  Hinged
 Length in (mm)  12′ 6″ (3.8 m)
 Universal Head  None
 Material Type  Standard
 UPC Code  09635901821
 Standard Package  1
 Standard Package Unit  Each
 Min Order Qty  1
 Weight / Ea. lbs  10.29 lbs


Acceptance Test

Voltage Rating

Test Voltage: 75,000 Volts



Country of Origin



Chance by Hubbell Power Systems


Epoxiglas® (fiberglass pole), Lexan® (tool head)

Safety Standards

ASTM F1825, OSHA & ASTM F711