BoresEye 2030 Non-Conductive Video Scope

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Finding just 1 theft can pay for the device!

Take images & videos and record on a removable SD card

Cost effective video inspection system

The non-conductive “Boroscope” allows the user to safely investigate conduit with a HD camera; available in 3 lengths

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Danatronics’ new BoresEye DC series of non-articulating video probes offer unsurpassed image quality, portability, documentation and affordablility. The DC series of waterproof CCD cameras are available in 8.0mm diameter. The BoresEye can save stills and video on SD cards with easy export to your computer to document all your critical video inspections. The BoresEye also offers long battery life, a 3/5″ high resolution TFT display, video output and variable lighting.

Key Features

  • USB port (1.2/2.0) allowing PC transfer
  • Portable battery design allowing user to change battery at any time
  • Power charger indication light
  • Working temperature -20o to 60o (celsius)
  • Support AV out (PAL/NTSC selectable)
  • 16 operation languages software
  • Included a 1 GB SD card for storing video and images and editing on a PC
  • Support rotated lens tube – allows user to capture magnified images at any angle
  • Support replay video and image
  • Support snapshot (jpeg format)
  • Support video recording (mpeg 4)
  • Adjustable illumination LED light
  • 3.5 LCD display

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Borescope Only, Borescope w/ 1 meter insulated inspection shaft, Borescope w/ 2 meter insulated inspection shaft, Borescope w/ 3 meter insulated inspection shaft